Software Engineer (Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Machine Learning, DevOps)

We are a medical machine learning platform helping doctors and researchers build medical AI, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. We help build high-quality labeled datasets for both training and clinical validation, as well as tools for model deployment and execution. Some of our unique challenges include: operating in HIPAA-compliant environments, handling of huge medical imaging/text/genomic datasets, managing machine learning model lifecycles, and building complex web applications with UI/UX appealing to both doctors and engineers alike. Looking for: experienced React/Vue/GraphQL developers, or junior developers eager to learn. Experience or interest in medical imaging, medical informatics, or machine learning is definitely a plus but not a requirement. Please email us directly at jobs at


If you are a medical student on a path towards radiology or a radiology technologist interested in part time medical annotation work, contact jobs at


If you are a retired radiologist looking for an interesting challenge creating annotated data for machine learning, contact jobs at